When will my order arrive?

We are a two person operation in the shop, so we appreciate your patience while we process, pack, and ship everything ourselves. We aim to ship everything within four working days of when you placed your order. You will receive an email confirming your order has been placed, as well as an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. Domestic (United Kingdom) orders take about three days on average to arrive once shipped. International orders take about one to two weeks on average once shipped. Orders can be subject to strikes and delays of all sorts; we appreciate your patience with circumstances beyond our control.

PRE-ORDERS: Items that are available as a pre-order are labeled as such. Look for the date in the item listing, as that will be the earliest date the item will ship.


Do you cover import fees, tariffs, and other similar chargers?

Unfortunately we do not cover such fees. We encourage you to check the import laws in your particular country to find out if you will owe any Customs fees, etc. on your order.


Do you take commissions?

Yes! In addition to paintings, I also take commissions for album artwork, tattoo designs, and other fun things. I have a three point input policy for commissions, meaning you can provide me with up to three reference points for the direction of the design. These can be three words, phrases, or vibes. For example, a prompt you might give me is "lots of red, moody vibes, armadillo". This policy strikes the right balance between giving me creative freedom and making sure you are happy with your commission. Email me at kazlandart@gmail.com to get started.


Can I get your work tattooed?

Yes. There is a tattoo ticket available in my shop here.


What materials do you use?

I use mostly acrylic paints, oil pastels, and coloured pencils. I prefer to work on wood panels and Bristol board.