Davies Gilder Gallery (Why would I ever fight fair?) Group show - Guildford​ (7th - 25th April) 


Davies Gilder Gallery (FEEEEEEELINGS) Group show - Guildford - (10.6.22 - 16.6.22)

The Stables SW18 1ES  (The Meetings of the Never Ending Anything Committee) Solo show - London - 20.05.22

Elephant West (SPEAK) group show - London (13/12/19)
Jam in a Jar (STATUES) solo show - London, Harringay. (8/5/19 - 5/6/19)
Arts house cafe (Group show)  - Bristol, Stokes croft. (7/1/19 - 11/2/19)

(November) Play Dead Studio. (Properly celebrating sadness) solo show - Southsea Portsmouth
(April) Brew Dog (A group of artists selected by Gritt) - group show - Southampton
(May) Play Dead Studio, (Trans-Mission) - group show - Southsea
(July) West end centre, (Seven) - group show - Aldershot


(May) Bargate, (A group of artists selected by Gritt) - group show - Southampton
(May) Artsdepot, Solo show (Don’t Ruin It) - North Finchley, London
(July) True Measure, (Fence Friends) - w/ Ziggy Hill - Portland, Oregan, USA.
(October) Play Dead Studio. (Stand on the floor - look at the walls) w/ Ziggy Hill - Southsea, Portsmouth
(December) The Stables, Solo show (Important shapes) - Wandworth, London
(December) True Measure, (the friendliest group show) - group show / Portland, Oregan, USA


Play Dead studio. (more of the same) w/ funns - Southsea, Portsmouth
Zion. Solo show (small nothings) - Bristol
Coastguard Studio. Group show (our worlds are minds apart) - Portsmouth
123 Space Exhibition. Group show (fourfive) - Bristol
Hamilton House. w/ funns (Never Matter)  - Bristol
West End Centre. Group show (six) - Aldershot
Play dead studio. Group show (33rpm) - Southsea, Portsmouth
HOME. Group how (Ambition & identity) - Manchester
Avery wine cellars. Group show (VAULT) - Bristol
The Nest Gallery. Group show (hatchet plants) - Bristol


Jam Factory group show - Oxford
Concrete Sketchbook Gallery group show (untitled) - Basingstoke
Proteus Creation Space w/ Kev Munday (untitled) - Basingstoke
Jam Factory w/ Kev Munday & Bill Thorpe (I’m sorry I broke everything) - Oxford
The Abacus. Group show (Look! No Hands)  - Cardiff


West End Centre. w/ funns (how nice of you to ask)  - Aldershot
The Rusty Alexander Bus Art Gallery. Mural and group show. - Gloucester 
All Our Own Work group show - Basingstoke
West End Centre (artmagedon) group show - Aldershot


Live Painting Upfest. w/ Funns & my dog sighs - Bristol
Live Painting The Bird’s Nest w/ Funns - Bath
Philadelphia Street Gallery (residency & show) - Bristol
The Chapel (epitaphs and apologies) w/ Funns - Bath
Hollow Gallery group show - Portland, Oregan - USA


West End Centre.  w/ Funns & Hannah Lou Clark - Aldershot


Harlington centre group show - Fleet
Keystone group show and live painting - Guilford
The Links Hotel Live Painting - Fleet
Rising Sun Arts Centre - Reading


Rusty Alexander Bus - Gloucester
Kingfisher Music Company bar - Fleet
West End Centre Bar and furniture - Aldershot
More Than Coffee Bar - Fleet
Jam Factory Entrance - Oxford
The Boogie Down the River Boat - Fleet
Upfest van - Bristol


Half a pigeon issue 4
Half a pigeon issue 5
New Human issue 2
Nothing New April 2015
Spindle Magazine online feature
Quatre Femme zine Issue 1
Winter tangerine issue 5
Don’t Panic Zine 1

Hannah Lou Clark - The heart and all its sin
Will Glaser & Matthew Herd -  Climbing in circles Pt 1
Will Glaser & Liam Noble - Climbing in circles Pt 2
Will Glaser & Matthew Herd & Liam Noble -  Climbing in circles
Will Glaser & James Allsopp - New River Ramble
Kaz Rodriguez - Synaesthesia
Gris De Lin - Sprung
Gris De Lin - I won’t be at the mercy of your ghost
Gris De Lin - The Kick/Fireworks Begin
Sexless - HUSK
Andnowwakesthesea - bildungsroman
Sly & the family drone - Unnecessary Woe
Sly & the family drone - Gentle Persuaders
Sly & the family drone - Walk It Dry  
Super Whatevr - Good Luck
Jake Wilson - A Piece of the Action
Thom Ashworth - Head Canon
Pigfoot - Pigfoot Shuffle